Sreya Guha, a freshman at Castilleja High School launches Math Unboxed. A founding tutor since 2010 at Mariano Castro Elementary School in Mountain View, she has been tutoring second through fifth graders in math in a student run after school program, Buddies4math. In addition to math tutoring at school,  Sreya wante to provide additional math enrichment opportunities for at-risk students. MathUnboxed was launched in November 2014!

Math Unboxed provides take home math games for underserved and at-risk elementary students in our communities. At the core of MathUnboxed is the belief that confidence and skill in math concepts can be built by playing math games. Learning does not have to stop outside the classroom. Parents and caregivers can play an important role in building math skills in their children. Our goal is to empower and support families who lack the resources to provide additional tutoring or enrichment to build self-esteem and confidence in math skills in their children.