IMG_1365-ANIMATIONWe launched a pilot program in Spring 2013 to teach Scratch to 4th & 5th graders in Castro Elementary School, Mountain View. The success of the pilot program helped launch a Scratch programing class for fourth and fifth graders in Castro Elementary school.  In Fall 2013, we expanded the program to Crittenden Middle School in Mountain View.

In Spring 2016, we introduced a new program to teach Scratch using CS First to second and third graders at Castro school. Sreya Guha presented Coding Buddies: A buddy-tutor system to teach Scratch to at-risk elementary students at the poster session of the Scratch Conference  held in MIT on Aug 5, 2016.

We recruit Middle and High School students to teach scratch programing to elementary students. If you are interested in teaching Scratch, please send us an email at