As a rising junior in Cupertino High, I wish to pursue graphic designing as a hobby. I was first introduced to digital design in the 7th grade when I took up a summer course on graphic design and digital cartooning. My interest in visual arts led me to learn and become more curious about design as time passed. When I got the opportunity to design a logo for Buddies4Math, I was thrilled. This was my first time creating a logo and I loved the challenge of doing so, because it was part of our program. While creating this logo, I considered various perspectives such as activities elementary school kids enjoy, mixing fun and learning, bright colors to represent enthusiasm, and finally the diverse backgrounds that our students and tutors come from. The logo mimics these perspectives with the use of bright math symbols, multiple colors, and cheerful kids. The logo symbolizes the enthusiasm of our tutors and fun that our program brings. 
– Ashka Rastogi