Writing and literature
     Writing clearly and concisely is a skill that many struggle with throughout middle and high school, but through time and practice anyone can improve. Articulating our thoughts clearly to others is a priceless skill in every situation, whether it be writing an email to a teacher, finalizing college essays or finishing an essay for class.
     Though it may be difficult to know where to start, websites such as Scribendi provide informative podcasts, infographics, videos and articles about writing, while EDX offers free introductory courses for learning how to write and think critically at a college level.
     Now more than ever, especially with young people becoming activists and speaking out about globally relevant issues, speaking your mind and conveying your ideas eloquently allows us to gain momentum and create real change in the world. 
Harness your untapped potential     Know a teen struggling with their future goals or in a need of a mental boost? This energizing discussion with UC Berkeley Ph.D. candidate Robin Lopéz may be just what they need. Lopéz shares in his lecture the experience of growing up in Richmond and almost dropping out of school before finding joy in doing environmental science. Learn how to find a helpful mentor and the significance of helping diverse voices succeed in STEM.

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