This summer, we were able to get in contact with an international school in China, called the Chaoyang Experimental School, Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences. We have hour long sessions twice a week and read picture books and chapter books, based on the students’ levels. Most are around the ages of 11-12 and were entering the 6th grade, and all of them were excited to join sessions with a native speaker and practice the English language. Normally, 20-25 students join our sessions each time, and we would start off with a short introduction of ourselves and ask them to do so as well. We would then dive right into our books. Participation is never an issue, as all the students are enthusiastic about learning and answering the questions; many even read short paragraphs in the book as well and show off their impressive grasp on the language! Recently, we’ve been reading The Cat in the Hat and Alice Wonderland, and both the tutors and the students are excited to continue on! By Claire Liu