With everyone working remotely this past year, we have missed being able to go in person and play fun games with the kids. With the reliance on technology given our circumstances,  Buddies4Math wanted to bring our fun games to the children.  The Goodie Bag project was created to engage elementary students during summer through hands-on math activities. To achieve our mission we delivered handmade math goodie bags every week filled with math worksheets, arts and crafts activities, and recipes. The math worksheets and arts and crafts activities were created as a hands on activity for kids to do and covered topics that they have learned. The recipes involve math in a fun way as the measurements are math equations. Families can spend time together helping them with solving the math and making the recipes together. So far we have made 200 bags and delivered them through a food service program at the Mountain View Whisman School District. We are grateful to be able to connect with our communities and be able to bring parts of our program directly to the students' homes. 

The goodie bag project has been a rewarding experience for me this summer. In the bags, there are games and recipes which help the children compute math problems. The pandemic has discouraged the children from being enthusiastic about learning but these fun games have helped the students sharpen their math skills.