I would love to have time traveling as a superpower since I can relive memories from the past and explore what the future holds.

During my free time, I like to listen to and read true crime stories.

Meeting and interacting with the students is one of the exciting parts of volunteering with B4M. Further, working with the students and seeing their progress throughout the year is really rewarding as a tutor.

Ashka Rastogi, Senior Cupertino High School

Probably to be able to fly. I’ve had so many dreams about flying around campus or around the city and I feel like it would make traveling so much easier, especially since I’m always late to school.

I love watching movies in my free time. Last winter break I binge watched 14 movies and honestly, it was so worth it.

I love working with kids since they’re always able to make me laugh. It’s amazing to see them improve in both math and English. Working with them is always a blast.

Claire Liu, Senior Gunn High School

If you could have a superpower, it would be flying.

I love making digital art and watching movies.

That I get to introduce students to the super important skill of graphic design

Olivia Hewang, Senior Los Altos High School