If you could have a superpower, What would it be? Time travel – to be able to see into the future to change my current decisions accordingly and learn about the past first-hand

What do you do in your free time? Garden, walk my dog, hang out with my friends, and take naps – four of the things that pop into my mind the quickest when the words “free time” are mentioned

Making a direct impact in my community through working with students in local school systems is truly my favorite way to give back – an opportunity available at B4M that has attracted me to the program from the start

Diya Gupta, Senior Los Altos High

If I could have a superpower, it would be teleportation. There are so many places I want to travel to and explore, and teleportation would make it super easy.

In my free time I enjoy reading. Whether it is the latest advancements in CRISPR technology, the daily New York Times, or the casual Kpop interview, there are so many things to learn and discover. I also enjoy sewing clothes and spending time with my friends and family.

The biggest part about Buddies4Math is the connection with the students. Every year we get to see our students grow, whether it’s their math abilities or their personalities. The friendships we make with our students keeps us excited to come back each week. Through B4M, I’ve also met some amazing tutors, and volunteering with them has allowed me to make friendships with like-minded, passionate individuals.

Kailee Kee, Senior Gunn High School

it be? I would choose to stop time. Sometimes I need that extra minute, or even an hour to decide on various things, like if I want to eat some pizza or burgers for lunch.

As a person who loves tinkering, I enjoy building headphones during my free time. It’s quite a long process, which involves designing individual parts, 3D-printing, soldering, and assembling.

I’m most excited when I see my students grow their math skills, and it is obvious that their capabilities in math have improved by the week. Volunteering for Buddies4Math isn’t just tutoring math to students, but it involves creating bonds and understanding them in a deeper level–figuring out what gets them motivated and interested. Seeing their smiles and being full of excitement brings me great joy.

Matthew Huynh, Senior Gunn High School