1. Group game
During the first 5-10 minutes one of the tutors leads the kids in a a group game, while other tutors are preparing for the session. The group game helps calm the kids down (they’re usually very excited when they first enter the classroom) while at the same time getting them in a “math mode”. For example, when we were tutoring third graders last spring, we frequently played multiplication review games. The kids always look forward to the game and it’s something they enjoy.2. Tutoring
This takes up most of the time and is the main part of tutoring. This where you, the tutor, would meet with your student(s). You would normally spend the first part reviewing what the student learnt at the previous session. After that, you would teach them a new topic and then play a game with them that develops the appropriate math skills.3. Review and Summary
This is the last part of class. Every student has a personal evaluation sheet and this is the time when the tutor writes any comments, observations or notes about the student during the session. This can help us evaluate the students and adjust the curriculum accordingly. Lastly, this is also a time when you can clear up any concerns or questions you may have.We always end our sessions with a treat ! Thinking and playing math games is hard work and can make you hungry for a snack 🙂