Session 1: Oct 29, 2010Welcome!

Please remember to bring your signed forms with you to the first session. There will be a sign in sheet in the classroom. Remember to sign in. There will be a short orientation for the tutors about the format of the session and the games to be played. While the tutors have their orientation, the students will play a group game that emphasizes number sense. Tutors are encouraged to lead group games at the start of each session.

If you are unable to come to a session, please call and let us know. Our students are counting on you!!!


  • One or two students will be assigned to each tutor.
  • As a tutor, remember to be friendly, helpful and respectful of your younger buddies.
  • You will be their mentors and they will model your behavior.
  • Our format will be to play a variety of games in which arithmetic skills are reinforced.
  • You will be given a plan to follow in the session. It will include instructions and material for the games.
  • While playing games, be encouraging and help your student get to the answer.
  • Look for ways to make it fun for them to play the game. Be creative!

At the end of the session, you will be asked to evaluate your students.

  • How did they do?
  • Are they fluent with their math facts?
  • What are their strengths in this game?
  • Which games did you play this session?
  • Do they work well with their partner?
  • Are both students at the same level?
  • Where do they need the most help?
  • Which area would you like to review next session?
  • Were the games easy or hard?
Have fun !